Multidisciplinary art project.

Founded and curated by Conxi San Emeterio.

When Malaga-Berlin based artist Conxi Sane graduated in Fashion from the University of Arts of London, nothing pointed out to a future as a painter. It was only 4 years ago that she painted for the first time. Since then, Conxi has dedicated herself predominantly to it as a natural way of self-expression, which we can now safely assimilate to a true revelation. 
Her work can be described as an exploration of the subconscious inspired by the schools of Surrealism and Cubism. It is no surprise that she holds for inspiration the greats of spanish art such as Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró and the french architecture’s giant Le Corbusier. 
Her deep appreciation of music stimulates her process of creation, she says.
As of her latest works, it is particularly Latin Jazz that has guided her palette, bringing to life a series that has been positively acclaimed throughout Europe.


By Malika Kicherben.